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Camp Schonwald Reservation Process

Would you like to schedule an adventure for your youth organization in the 10 acres at Camp Schonwald?  The cost is free for youth group organizations, so here's what you do:



1.     Camp users are limited to organized youth groups.


2.     Groups must provide a certificate of insurance to be approved by the Highline Kiwanis Insurance Committee: Such General Liability limits shall be $1,000,000 per occurrence.  Auto liability,$1,000.000 if van is used and owned by entity.

(use this LINK for Sample Certificate of Insurance and wording.  Certificate to be sent to John at: Phone: 425-455+6680 x 4, Fax: 425-455-8409 or

3.     Groups must provide adult supervision while using the camp. 




1.     Eligible groups should complete An Application for Use Permit (click here for downloadable PDF Form) blank with suggested dates for use and submit to the camp caretaker at 206-244-9280.


2.     Groups need to sign the HoldHarmless Agreement included on the application and submit it with the request. 

3.  Caretaker will confirm groups eligibility and dates of use of the camp. 


     Step 3: USE OF CAMP 


1.     Arrange to pickup keys from caretaker and schedule return.


2.     Use of camp Rules and Guidelines. (Click here for downloadable PDF Form)


3.     Check out sheet to be completed and returned to caretaker. (Click here for downloadable PDF Form)


Camp Access

Phone: 206 244-9280